Vehicle Service Agreements (VSA)

VSA can help cover expensive repairs for mechanical breakdowns not covered by your manufacturer’s warranty. Your dealer can help you choose the level of protection that is right for your vehicle, your driving habits, and your budget. National Auto Care provides VSA for new or pre-owned passenger cars and trucks, powersports units like motorcycles and jet skis, and recreational vehicles.


The PowerBuy™ Depreciation Program provides revolutionary depreciation protection independent from GAP coverage. PowerBuy is designed to decrease the consumer’s exposure to the depreciation of their vehicle’s value, as well as potentially protect all or some of the consumer’s investment of down payment or monthly payments before the time of loss.

By providing a benefit that pays the difference from the Line 1 sales price and the ACV determined by the primary insurance carrier on a total loss, PowerBuy can put the consumer in a replacement vehicle faster. And, the PowerBuy benefit is sent directly to the original dealership to be applied to the replacement vehicle purchase – creating less hassle for the new car purchase.

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Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

Don’t get caught upside down!

If you’re in an accident in which your vehicle is declared a total loss, National Auto Care’s Guaranteed Asset Protection may waive the difference between your insurance settlement and the outstanding balance on your vehicle.


Covers repair or replacement of tires and wheels when damaged by a road hazard like a pothole or road debris on a public roadway. Tire & Wheel protection also features roadside assistance, including towing, emergency battery service, and lockout assistance.


A bundle of our most popular coverages to help maintain the appearance, value, and function of your car. Includes Tire & Wheel Protection, Paintless Dent Repair, Windshield Repair and 24-hour Roadside Assistance. Optional Key Replacement is also available.

Key Replacement

Covers replacement and reprogramming of costly keys, key fobs, smart keys and more in case of damage or loss. Two levels of coverage with roadside assistance and driver discounts are available.

Limited Warranty

Prevention is the best protection. Your dealer will apply a theft deterrent product. If your car is stolen, the limited warranty will provide a benefit whether your car is declared a partial loss or a total loss by your insurer. The plan also provides for substitute transportation and trip interruption in case of theft.

Limited Warranty

Take advantage of a dual benefit! Your dealer will apply a windshield protection product, and the limited warranty provides for windshield repair or replacement if damaged by road debris on a public roadway.


Don’t let end-of-lease excess wear-and-tear charges break the bank. Excess Wear & Tear Coverage covers charges for dents, paint damage, interior stains, missing keys and more.


Protect yourself from the cost of negative equity when you trade in your car at the dealership where you originally purchased it.


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