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F&I Menu Training Course

Agent and Dealer participants

Offered in both a 2-day and a 3-day format, this intensive course offers F&I professionals an in-depth study designed to enhance skills from the fundamental basics of structuring the deal to building credibility. The F&I Menu Training Course is designed for professionals who have some basic knowledge of F&I concepts and processes.

Class participants will practice interview tactics and menu presentations using video role play exercises, and have the opportunity to interact and learn from other F&I professionals from around the country.

“Before [National Auto Care’s F&I Menu Training class], my VSC penetration was around 35%. My first month after training, I did 100% VSC penetration. I hope to do the same for my dealer customers too!”

Bobby Dash, PMP ~ Independent Insurance Agent/Automotive Dealer
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Getting Past the No

Agent participants

"Getting Past the No!” will help you open more dealership doors and close more deals. This exciting one-day course will strengthen your product presentation skills and lead to greater sales success. You will learn how to better identify objections, then overcome those objections by presenting additional features and benefits to

"Get Past the No!”

“We have moved from just over $1,000 per car to almost $1,500 per retail deal. The finance managers love National Auto Care training. They continue to contact the trainer and he follows up monthly with each of them to coach and reinforce their new skills.”

Lonnie Clarkson ~ Independent Insurance Agent
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Train the Trainer

Agent participants

Sharpen your coaching and training skills in this fast-paced one-day session. You’ll learn how to create effective training presentations, how to coach various personality types, and how to strengthen the effect of formal training with day-to-day coaching.


Agent and Dealer participants

Glance at the headlines on any given day, and you'll see that compliance with the ever-changing F&I regulations can be a moving target. National Auto Care outlines the fundamentals of the "who" and the "what" of F&I regulation to help you keep your dealership compliant.

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or plan a private session for your agency staff or dealer partners. For more information on our regional training schedule or to plan a private training session, please call National Auto Care at 800-548-1875.

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